DIY Mulching Guide

DIY Mulch Paths and Tree Mulching

Mulching isn't just about choosing the right material; it's also about how you use it to enhance your landscape. Here, we'll provide step-by-step guides for two popular DIY mulching projects: creating mulch paths and installing mulch around trees. 

DIY Mulch Path

Materials Needed


  1. Plan the path's layout and mark it with spray paint or string. Use edging material if desired to define the path's borders.
  2. Remove existing grass or vegetation from the path area using a shovel.
  3. Lay down landscape fabric to suppress weed growth.
  4. Spread a layer of mulch evenly over the fabric, about 2-3 inches deep.
  5. Use a rake to even out the mulch and create a smooth path surface.
  6. Compact the mulch slightly with a wheelbarrow or by walking on it. 

DIY Tree Mulching

 Materials Needed

  • Mulch
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Gloves 


  1. Determine the mulch ring's diameter around the tree. It should extend at least 2-3 feet from the tree trunk.
  2. Remove any grass or weeds from the area.
  3. Spread a layer of mulch around the tree, making sure it's 2-4 inches deep. Keep the mulch away from the tree trunk to prevent moisture buildup.
  4. Use a rake to create a slight depression in the mulch, forming a well to retain water. 

Safety Tips

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands.
  • Use caution when using sharp tools like shovels.
  • Lift mulch bags and wheelbarrows properly to avoid strain. 

By following these DIY mulching project guides and safety tips, you can enhance the beauty and functionality of your Indianapolis landscape while also preserving the health of your plants. 


Mulch and Weed Control for Indianapolis

Mulch and Weed Control in Indiana Soil 

Maintaining a weed-free garden can be a constant battle, especially in Indiana's diverse soil conditions. In this blog, we'll explain how mulching can help suppress weeds and reduce the need for herbicides while offering guidance on preventing and managing weeds through proper mulching. 

The Role of Mulch in Weed Control

Mulch is your secret weapon against weeds in Indiana soil. Here's how it can effectively combat unwanted plant growth: 

  • Weed Suppression: Mulch creates a physical barrier that blocks sunlight and oxygen from reaching weed seeds, preventing them from germinating and taking root.
  • Moisture Retention: By keeping the soil consistently moist, mulch discourages weed growth, as many weeds prefer drier conditions.
  • Nutrient Competition: As mulch decomposes, it adds valuable organic matter to the soil, giving your desirable plants a competitive edge over weeds. 

Preventing and Managing Weeds

To make the most of your mulch in the battle against weeds, follow these guidelines: 

  • Apply an Adequate Layer: Spread a layer of mulch 2-4 inches deep for effective weed control.
  • Keep Mulch Away from Plant Stems: Ensure that mulch doesn't touch the stems of your plants, as it can promote rot and pest infestations.
  • Regular Maintenance: Top up mulch as needed to maintain the proper depth and effectiveness.
  • Weed Removal: Before mulching, remove existing weeds from the area to prevent them from growing through the mulch layer.
  • Choose the Right Mulch: Different mulch types offer varying levels of weed control. Wood mulch and pine straw are popular choices for this purpose. 

By following these mulching practices and tips, you can enjoy a weed-free garden in Indiana without relying heavily on herbicides, creating a healthier and more sustainable outdoor space. 

Landscaping Tips for Indianapolis Homes

Landscaping Tips for Indy Homes 

When it comes to landscaping your Indianapolis home, mulching plays a vital role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and health of your outdoor space. In this blog, we'll explore how mulching fits into a larger landscaping plan for Indianapolis residences and provide creative ideas for incorporating mulch into different areas of your yard. 

Mulching in Your Landscape Plan

Mulch isn't just a cosmetic addition to your yard; it's a multifunctional tool that should be an integral part of your landscaping strategy. Here's how mulch contributes to a well-rounded landscape plan: 

  • Weed Control: Mulch helps suppress weed growth by creating a barrier that inhibits weed seeds from germinating. This reduces the need for herbicides and constant weeding.
  • Moisture Retention: Indianapolis summers can be scorching, and mulch acts as a protective shield, preventing soil moisture from evaporating too quickly. This is crucial for the survival of your plants during dry spells.
  • Temperature Regulation: Mulch insulates the soil, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This temperature stability is essential for plant health in the fluctuating Indiana climate. 

Incorporating Mulch Creatively

Now that you understand the importance of mulch in your landscaping plan, let's explore some creative ways to incorporate it into different areas of your yard: 

  • Flower Beds: Mulch can frame your flower beds beautifully, adding color and texture contrast to your landscape.
  • Mulch Paths: Create meandering mulch paths through your garden to guide visitors and define your outdoor space.
  • Around Trees: Apply mulch around the base of your trees to protect their roots and create a neat, finished look.
  • Play Areas: Rubber mulch is a safe and attractive option for children's play areas, offering protection and aesthetics.
  • Vegetable Gardens: Mulching your vegetable garden helps conserve soil moisture and reduce weed competition, leading to healthier crops. 

By incorporating mulch strategically into your landscaping plan and using it creatively, you can transform your Indianapolis yard into a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor oasis. 

Mulching Best Practices for Indianapolis

Mulching Mastery: Best Practices for Thriving Indianapolis Gardens 

Time to mulch smart! Mulching is more than just spreading material over the soil. It's an art that, when done correctly, can significantly enhance your garden's health and beauty. Let's dive into the best mulching practices for our local gardens. 

Ideal Mulch Thickness

The key to effective mulching is the thickness. A layer of about 2-3 inches is ideal. It's thick enough to suppress weeds and retain moisture but not so thick that it suffocates your plants or becomes a breeding ground for pests. 

Sustainable Mulching Materials

Choosing the right mulch is crucial. In Indianapolis, we advocate using local, sustainable materials. Not only do they support our environment, but they also adapt better to our local soil and climate conditions. 


Embrace these mulching practices to create a garden that's not only a joy to behold but also a testament to your commitment to the environment.

Happy mulching, Indianapolis! 

Choosing the Right Mulch for Indianapolis Landscapes

Mulching is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape in Indianapolis. However, choosing the right mulch can be a daunting task with so many options available. In this blog, we'll detail various types of mulch, their pros and cons, and help you determine which mulch types are best suited for the local soil and climate.  

Types of Mulch 

Wood Mulch 

Pros: Wood mulch is readily available and comes in various colors. It enhances the aesthetics of your landscape and can improve soil quality as it decomposes. 

Cons: It may attract termites and other pests if not properly maintained. Hardwood mulch may take longer to break down. 

Pine Straw 

Pros: Pine straw is lightweight, easy to spread, and provides good insulation. It's excellent for acid-loving plants like azaleas. 

Cons: Requires regular replenishment as it breaks down relatively quickly. Not ideal for all types of plants. 

Rubber Mulch 

Pros: Long-lasting and low maintenance. It doesn't decompose and is excellent for playgrounds and areas with heavy foot traffic. 

Cons: More expensive upfront. It doesn't improve soil quality, and some people find it less visually appealing. 

Rock or Gravel Mulch 

Pros: Low maintenance and long-lasting. Provides excellent weed control and is suitable for xeriscaping. 

Cons: Doesn't improve soil quality, can trap heat, and may be uncomfortable to walk on. 

Best Mulch for Indianapolis 

In the Indianapolis climate, which experiences hot summers and cold winters, organic mulches like wood mulch and pine straw are generally preferred. They help regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and improve soil quality over time. Wood mulch, in particular, is a versatile option that suits many different plant types. 

Before choosing a mulch, consider the specific needs of your plants, the aesthetics you desire, and your budget. Regular maintenance, such as adding fresh mulch annually, is key to getting the most out of your chosen mulch type.

Benefits of Mulching in Indy Climate

Maximize Your Garden's Potential: The Benefits of Mulching in the Indianapolis Climate

Mulching in the Indianapolis climate is more than just a gardening practice—it's a strategic move to maintain and enhance your landscape's health and appearance. One of the most effective tools you can keep in your gardening arsenal is mulch, to protect your plants, the soil, and your entire landscape, year-round. Musselman mulch can help transform your gardening experience in the Indianapolis climate, no matter which season.

Soil Moisture Retention in Summer

During the hot summers in Indianapolis, soil moisture retention becomes paramount. Mulch acts as a protective layer, shielding the soil from the sun's intense rays and reducing water evaporation. Mulching in hot summers not only helps in maintaining soil hydration but also means less watering is required, saving time and conserving water resources.

Winter Root Insulation

The benefits of mulching in Indianapolis extend into the frigid months as well. During the coldest months, winter mulching in Indianapolis can provide plant root insulation, which protects them from freeze-thaw cycles that can damage or even kill your plants. This layer of protection keeps the soil temperature more stable, which is crucial for the survival and resilience of your plants when spring returns.

Mulch For Any Season

The practice of mulching offers continuous advantages. Beyond moisture retention and root insulation, mulch also suppresses weeds, adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, and enhances the visual appeal of your garden beds. It's an all-season ally for any Indianapolis gardener.

How Musselman Herbicide Products Can Help Control Landscape Weeds This Summer

How Musselman Herbicide Products Can Help Control Landscape Weeds This Summer

Stubborn weeds can pop up any time of year, and next year, they seem to come right back. It’s important to take preventative action so those pesky weeds stay gone for good. At Musselman, we have all the products you need to not only get rid of your lawn weeds, but to keep them from coming back!

How to Identify Lawn Weeds

Some of the most common weeds found in summer landscapes include crabgrass, dandelions, moss, and white clover. However, there are several that aren’t as easy to identify. While some may not be a serious threat to your garden, others have a tendency to become extremely invasive—preventing your summer landscape from growing and thriving.

The best way to identify a weed is simply by knowing the ins and outs of your outdoor space, and removing anything that is growing out of place. Identifying the specific type of weed can be tricky, but Musselman can help get rid of and prevent weeds from returning so that you won’t have to worry about the painstaking process of finding and pulling them over and over.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Weeds

Getting rid of lawn weeds can be an extensive project, often taking up hours of your time with the strenuous labor required to pull each individual one, only for them to grow back a few weeks later. Luckily, Musselman offers Pre-Emergent Herbicide, a powerful product offering a 2-in1 weed eliminating solution for turfgrass and landscape beds.

Treating and Controlling Weeds is Key to Healthy Summer Landscapes

Proper treatment and control of weeds in your outdoor space is perhaps the most crucial factor in maintaining a healthy summer landscape. Musselman offers a variety of products that can help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free!

The chemical composition of Pre-Emergent Herbicide destroys harmful weeds before they even begin to grow! Incorporating this herbicide treatment into your landscape will allow your beautiful plants to grow larger and stronger.

In addition to herbicide treatments, Musselman offers several hardwood bark mulch products, which can also be an effective tool in preventing harmful weeds from growing back year after year. Hardwood mulch deprives weed seeds from the sunlight and nutrients they need to germinate and thrive.

When those weeds start creeping in, trust the products at Musselman to keep your landscape protected for seasons to come!

Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Musselman’s Natural Stone Products

Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Musselman’s Natural Stone Products

Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Musselman’s Natural Stone Products

Looking to use natural stone to elevate your summer landscape, but not sure what the best option is? Musselman offers a wide array of natural stone products—edgers, steppers, flagstone, and gravel—so it’s easy to find the best choice for any landscape!

Natural Stone Edgers

Adding a natural stone edging around a flower bed or garden area is a powerful way to beautify outdoor spaces. Landscaping edgers create clear definition between the yard and the plant bed, creating a unique aesthetic while keeping mulch, soil, plants, and even decorative stones in place. But edgers also serve another purpose by creating a root barrier that prevents sneaky roots from creeping out.

If you’re looking for a creative way to contain your landscape and add some style to the space as well, natural stone edgers are the perfect choice!

Natural Flagstone Steppers

Natural stone steppers are a simple, yet incredibily effective way to conviently and safely navigate between functional spaces around any property. Natural stone steps are a great choice to enhance the visual impact of your summer landscape while maintaining durability and longevity.

Flagstone steppers are a great option if you are looking to level up your exterior walkway. Flagstone is low maintenance and sustainable, allowing you to enjoy your path or patio without worrying about any upkeep. In addition, flagstone’s natual curves and ridges promote traction, are non-slip, and reduce water pooling.

Natural Stone Gravel Paths

For an affordable, easy, and comfortable addition to your outdoor landscape, look no further than a natural stone gravel path. Gravel paths are known for being simple to install, and provide great drainage in areas that can be prone to puddling after rain.

Natural stone gravel paths are a great option for anyone looking to create a durable, elegant pathway to, from, or around their summer landscape!

We offer all of these products in various brown and grey tones at our facility at Musselman Landscape Solutions. Stop by today to make your selection! Remember to check in at the red barn, and be sure to bring proper footwear—this means leaving the open-toed shoes and high heels at home! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more!

Why It’s Time to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Summer Landscape Design

Why It’s Time to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Summer Landscape Design

For anyone looking to elevate their home’s summer landscaping, it’s time to turn to stone. Musselman’s variety of natural stone options are the perfect way to give any landscaping a modern twist, while also protecting its health.

Natural Stone Offers a Unique and Modern Landscape Appeal

Musselman’s natural stone selection will set any home apart from others in the neighborhood. Because of the quality and variety in design of the Musselman options, no two stones look the same, leaving any landscaping with a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

With its modern design and impressive durability, Musselman’s natural stone products can beautify any type of architectural exterior. Choose from any of the following to install this season:

Natural Stone Creates a Healthy Landscape

Water drains more quickly through small stones and gravel compared to soil. Adding only one layer of variety of our natural stones can help protect your landscaping from excess water retention when heavy showers are in the forecast. Installing a layer of this stone can also be used to create a natural waterway, surplus water away from your garden or home’s foundation.

Natural stones also absorb heat, preventing it from reaching the plants’ roots in the harsh summer sun! This means fewer plants drying out and better growing conditions for any summer landscape.

Natural Stone Adds an Extra Layer of Sustainability & Durability

Unlike other common landscaping materials, natural stone is easy to maintain. No need for sealing, painting, or staining—just a simple wash with a garden hose occasionally will do. Plus, it’s long-lasting, so no need to foot the bill for frequent replacements!

As the name would suggest, natural stone can also provide environmental benefits to the landscape. Because it’s naturally sourced, it does not contain any toxic chemicals or substances that other landscaping materials may include. Plus, natural stone is recyclable, so it can be utilized for multiple projects throughout its lifetime.

As the summer landscaping season continues to heat up, consider laying down some of Musselman’s natural stone to take that outdoor space to the next level!

Three Ways to Make the Most of Mulch Season with Musselman

Three Ways to Make the Most of Mulch Season with Musselman

With peak mulch season upon us, making the right preparations is key to a thriving landscape! Below, we break down three easy ways to make the most of this mulch season for a cheap, hassle-free, and fun experience!


1. Order Musselman Bulk Mulch Online

Musselman brings the mulch right to you. No more inconvenient, time-wasting back-and-forth to the store for mulch pickup. With Musselman, simply make any bulk mulch selection online, and we’ll do the rest!

Plus, customers who order online get a 15% delivery fee discount. By saving customers time and money with a seamless online ordering process, Musselman ensures that busy schedules and full days don’t get in the way of installing top-quality mulch in the garden this season.


2.  Consult Musselman’s Bulk Mulch Calculator

After making your mulch selection, utilize our Bulk Mulch Calculator tool, which allows customers to specify the exact amount of mulch they need to finish the project without buying too much or ending up short.

No more back and forth to the store for mulch pickup – with this invaluable tool, Musselman is a one-stop shop for every garden and landscape need this season.

Additionally, when choosing to order mulch in bulk, customers not only benefit from the convenience of a larger quantity, but also gain access to a diverse range of specialized mulching tools – not available for order on their own – that can completely transform the entire mulching experience.


3. Sit Back and Unwind – Musselman Mulch Delivery Handles the Grind

At checkout, simply select the day and time you wish for your mulch to be delivered, and one of our expert mulch delivery service members will bring it straight to you.

Want your mulch closer to the mailbox? Next to the basketball hoop? Right next to the sidewalk? Musselman’s mulch delivery service has got it covered – add in any specific instructions at checkout and our team will make it happen!

Make the most of mulch season with Musselman. Order online for convenient delivery, use our Bulk Mulch Calculator for accurate quantities, and sit back as our experts handle the delivery.

Trust Musselman to enhance and simplify your mulching experience. Order now and elevate your landscape today!

Save 15% on Mulch Delivery by Ordering Online with Musselman

Save 15% on Mulch Delivery by Ordering Online with Musselman

There’s no longer a need for lugging heavy bags of mulch from the store to the car and then to the yard. This spring, consider ordering the next batch of mulch from Musselman Landscape Solutions, and score some great mulch deals—a fantastic way to save money and enjoy hassle-free mulching this season.

Order Mulch Online and Save

When ordering Musselman mulch online, customers save 15% on their delivery fee! That’s right—that means a savings of 15% on delivery just by placing an online mulch order. This is a great opportunity to save money while still getting the top-quality mulch needed to start the next landscaping project.

Ordering Mulch Online is Easy

Thanks to Musselman’s online ordering process, spring mulching season has never been easier to manage! No more trips to the store or struggling to get those heavy loads into the car. Simply choose the desired mulch variant, the specific delivery window, then sit back and relax while the Musselman delivery team takes care of the rest—bringing the mulch directly to the driveway.

Musselman even includes a Bulk Mulch Calculator in the checkout process, so there’s no mystery about how much mulch is necessary for any specific project.

Choose From Several Options When Ordering Mulch Online

Not only do customers receive 15% off the delivery fee for ordering Musselman mulch online, but they also gain access to all of our highest quality mulch variations:

So why wait? Order mulch online today and save 15% on delivery fees! With the convenience of online ordering and the savings of discounted delivery fees, there’s never been a better time to buy Musselman mulch online and take advantage of our hot mulch deals!

Musselman landscaping solutions

Mulch Delivery Made Easy With Musselman

Mulch Delivery Made Easy With Musselman

With peak mulch season fast approaching, landscapers are doing all they can to get their hands on the best mulch they can find. To help you start the season off right and eliminate the inconvenience of commuting to your local landscape store to pick up your mulch, we offer industry-leading mulch delivery right to the project site—even if it’s your driveway.

Musselman Mulch Delivery is Reliable

Want mulch unloaded by the basketball hoop, close to the mailbox, or strategically placed near a planter? No problem! With Musselman’s mulch delivery service, customers have the unique opportunity to provide specific delivery instructions at the time of checkout, to select the precise location to have the products unloaded.

In addition to providing specific locations to dump the mulch near the project site, customers can also select an exact date to have the mulch delivered. Even if the customer is unavailable at the selected drop-off time, that’s no problem. Musselman will complete the mulch delivery with or without the customer on site—and understands that the “Do-It-Yourself” mentality inherent in our customers translates into a busy and full life.

Don’t Take Our Word for it—Listen to Our Customer Feedback

For Musselman, it’s about more than just mulch—it’s about building trust and long-lasting relationships with customers and providing products and services that help them embrace the outdoors. To follow through on this goal, receiving positive customer feedback is essential, and sharing those insights helps show how Musselman is truly making an impact.

  1. By Peter H, mulch delivery in Indianapolis:

“I liked that I was able to select a day for delivery that worked best for me and that the delivery driver phoned me on the day to confirm that he was about 30 minutes away from delivering my order of mulch. Additionally, he deposited the delivery in my driveway exactly where I had requested it to be unloaded.”

  1. By Bob P, mulch delivery in Carmel:

“You detailed how the delivery process worked, and followed it. The driver was friendly, and assisted with laying the tarp out to drop the mulch on. He was even nice to our dog. Great, predictable service. Thank you.

  1. By Amy L, mulch delivery in Anderson:

“There couldn’t be an easier way to get mulch! This was my first time using Musselman and having it delivered as well, loved it and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

Musselman delivers the finishing touch to any landscape—for a quick, easy, and reliable delivery experience, choose Musselman mulch delivery for the upcoming mulching season!

Why Premium Dyed Mulch Is Key To A Stand-Out Landscape

Why Premium Dyed Mulch Is Key To A Stand-Out Landscape

As peak mulching season approaches, having the right tools is crucial to making the most out of every project. When it comes time to start that first outdoor project of the year, consider ordering some of Musselman’s dyed mulch, perfect for elevating and extending the lifespan of any landscape design.

Musselman’s Dyed Mulch is Top Quality

Our dyed mulch is manufactured from fine hardwood mulch and is treated with a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly vegetable-and-water-based dye—safe for people, plants, and pets. This unique treatment allows Musselman’s dyed mulch to maintain a long-lasting and healthy presence in all outdoor spaces.

Whether choosing standard or premium dyed mulch, customers can’t go wrong. Musselman’s standard dyed mulch is double-shredded, while the premium dyed mulch is triple-shredded, making it one grade finer than the standard. In either case, both options are sure to yield stunning results for the next landscaping project!

Musselman’s Dyed Mulch Creates Long-Lasting Landscapes

Not only do weeds and overgrown vegetation detract from the visual appeal of a landscape, but they can also deplete vital nutrients from the soil that should be nurturing the flowerbeds. Incorporating Musselman’s dyed mulch into garden spaces can prevent new weeds from growing and can even attack existing ones. Furthermore, its long-lasting color can help extend the lifespan of that freshly planted flowerbed and maintain its quality for a longer period of time—saving you the trouble of frequent mulch replacement!

Musselman’s dyed mulch is also slow to decompose, helps retain moisture in the soil, and can even protect plants in colder temperatures, which helps maintain a healthier outdoor space—even into the cold winter months.

How Much Dyed Mulch Do I Buy, and What are the Color Options?

Determining the correct amount of mulch to order can be difficult, especially without an expert’s help. That’s why Musselman offers customers a Bulk Mulch Calculator—an invaluable resource that provides the exact amount of mulch needed for any outdoor transformation. With Musselman’s Bulk Mulch Calculator, mulch delivery has never been easier. Simply type in the dimensions of the project, and the mulch calculator will do the rest!

With the standard dyed mulch option, customers can choose from either brown mulch or black mulch. Premium mulch options provide an additional level of protection and are offered in a new dark brown mulch tone, as well as a black tone.

As peak mulch season approaches, consider ordering one of Musselman’s dyed mulch selections. Elevate the design of any outdoor space and take that first landscaping project of the season to the next level.

Why You Should Order Bulk Topsoil This Season

Why You Should Order Bulk Topsoil This Season

Beautiful landscaping starts with high-quality soil. It’s a crucial piece of the gardening and landscaping puzzle. But buying topsoil can be a frustrating process—from calculating the amount needed, to determining which type is best or how to haul it home, it’s tough without a little expert help.

Musselman Landscape Solutions makes buying bulk topsoil fast and simple, helping save time and money on any project.

Higher-Quality Topsoil

Topsoil is essential for providing vegetation with vital nutrients, helping retain moisture, and improving drainage. Long-term, using high-quality topsoil can ensure it doesn’t become compacted and can help prevent erosion.

To ensure Musselman’s topsoil is of the highest quality for our customers, we undergo a thorough testing process to guarantee our topsoil is healthy and does not contain any environmentally damaging ingredients that could potentially lead to landscape degradation.

Using topsoil ordered in bulk can also help provide better results than buying by the bag, as buying in bulk means there’s a chance to check the soil when it’s delivered, to make sure it’s free of loose materials, or even mold.

Cost of Bulk Topsoil

The cost of bulk topsoil can vary, but Musselman offers the highest-quality topsoil for less than individual bags, even for individual landscaping projects. Musselman’s bulk topsoil is available in amounts that are optimal for a typical yard or home garden, and that means paying bulk prices for even smaller, personal projects.

Buying in bulk also reduces the risk of overbuying, so money isn’t wasted on unused product.

Order Bulk Topsoil

It can be tricky to calculate the precise amount of topsoil needed for a specific project, especially with bagged soil.

Musselman Landscape makes ordering bulk topsoil simple. Use the convenient mulch and soil calculator to determine how much is necessary, place the order, and set the delivery date. It’s that simple. Save time and money and buy bulk mulch this spring at Musselman Landscape Solutions.

3 Reasons to Buy the Sunset Firepit Kit This Season

3 Reasons to Buy the Sunset Firepit Kit This Season

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family this winter season? Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit could be the perfect solution. From simple installation to versatile style and design options, the Sunset Firepit Kit will fit seamlessly into any type of landscape—and is sure to make guests feel welcomed and cozy.

Variety in Design

The Sunset Firepit Kit is available in some of Musselman’s highest-quality materials and in a wide variety of color palates, including Coffee Creek, Granite, Sandstone, and Sierra. With simple, clean, and timeworn details, the Sunset Firepit Kit is an elegant and sophisticated must-have for backyard get-togethers—especially when the cooler temperatures start rolling in!

Year-Round Enjoyment

A beautiful fire pit is much more than just a seasonal amenity to be enjoyed during mild spring or summer nights. Once the cold weather arrives, nothing compares to cozying up and enjoying the warmth and serenity of an outdoor firepit.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or a cool summer night, the Unilock Sunset Firepit Kit presents plenty of options for entertainment and fun around the fire. From whipping up some s’mores to creating a warm and cozy ambience, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is guaranteed to elevate your landscape experience.

Easy Installation

Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is simple to order and is delivered with the all the tools necessary to begin installation.

  • Three layers of units to compose firepit dimensions of 51.25” x 51.25” x 12”.
  • Two 10-ounce tubes of high-temperature adhesive that works in a traditional household caulk gun. Don’t have one? No problem—purchase one to be delivered with your order here!
  • One steel insert to guide the building process and protect your investment.

For a simple, step-by-step walk-through of the installation process, consult our user-friendly guide here.

The search for an ideal firepit ends here. With straightforward installation and effortless assembly, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit adds an additional layer of beauty and a high-quality aesthetic to your landscape design.

Don’t forget to check out our robust selection of mulch products here to get a head start on the spring mulching season!

Image shows Sunset Fire Pit Kit with Firegear’s LUME Smokeless Insert, sold separately.

Forrest Fines Mulch - Indianapolis

Benefits of the Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

Benefits of the Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

Still looking for the perfect type of mulch to add to the landscape? If ease of installation and a nutrient-rich soil environment are your top priorities, then Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch could provide the perfect solution.

Benefits of Hardwood Bark Mulch

Because of its irregularly sized pieces and rugged style, hardwood bark-style mulch can give landscape beds a more natural and pleasurable appearance and is an excellent choice for a new landscape. Plus, unlike other mulches, hardwood bark provides brilliant color and added dimension to any landscape.

Hardwood bark mulch does an excellent job of protecting the soil against evaporation and helps aerate the soil by allowing air to easily flow in and out. It also offers several other advantages, including:

  • Easy spreading and installation
  • Breaking down over time to restore soil nutrients
  • Boosting vitality for plants requiring a greater amount acid absorption such as azaleas, evergreens, and magnolias

Why Choose Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

Forrest Fines® Mulch is a triple-shredded bark mulch manufactured from bark stripped from the tree during the logging process. That unique process means Forrest Fines® Mulch delivers unmatched quality and measurable upgrades to any landscape.

In fact, Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Mulch has the power to restore the most nutrients to the landscapes it covers compared to other mulch offerings and can also enhance the beauty and vitality of those recently planted flowers in the garden!

Most important, Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Mulch is all natural and contains no dyes. Instead, the mulch has undergone an elaborate aging process, helping it exude a more naturally occurring darker color.

How Much Mulch to Buy?

Still deciding on how much of our Forrest Fines® Mulch to buy? Musselman’s bulk mulch calculator can help identify the precise amount needed for any project. Simply enter the project dimensions and the mulch calculator will help determine the exact quantity to buy—removing the tedious, time-consuming guesswork during check-out, ensuring an easy process for all your mulching needs!

If you’re looking for a mulch that’s easy to install with the unique advantage of restoring nutrition to your soil, consider Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch for your next project!

3 Reasons to Buy Decorative Stone This Season

3 Reasons to Buy Decorative Stone This Season

Looking for a way to add some style to your landscape without the hassle of replacing the mulch each season? Musselman’s decorative stone could provide the perfect alternative to mulch and even enhance your own unique landscape vision.

Decorative Stone is Cost-Effective

Thanks to its long lifespan, decorative stone is extremely low maintenance and rarely requires replacing—unlike mulch, which often demands routine maintenance each season. This means that decorative stone is less expensive than mulch in the long run.

Decorative Stone Serves Many Purposes

Decorative stone comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors that serve several different functions for any landscape and offers unlimited opportunities for creative design, including:

  • Replacing mulch in and around walkways, ponds, and other water features
  • Providing a strong structural base for patios and outdoor living spaces

Decorative Stone Ensures a Healthy Garden

Because decorative stone does not decay or decompose, it lasts much longer than mulch. This means there’s less risk of damaging those freshly planted flowers in the beds each time mulch is replaced. Decorative stone is excellent for keeping weeds away for a long period of time when an appropriate landscape fabric is installed underneath the stone.

How Much Decorative Stone do I Buy?

Unsure of how much decorative stone to buy? Musselman’s bulk stone calculator helps identify the exact amount necessary for any project—just by entering in the project dimensions. Not only does this remove tedious and time-consuming guess work, but it also guarantees an easy, one-stop shop that saves you countless trips to the store.

Next time you need to replace your mulch, consider substituting in a layer of decorative stone instead. Thanks to its long lifespan, multi-functionality, and endless design capabilities, decorative stone is a fantastic alternative to mulch that’s guaranteed to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come!

How Landscape Mulch Should Season

How Landscape Mulch Should Season

Mulching may not be top of mind in the late summer months but protecting flower beds before the cold weather settles in can help the landscaping return bigger, better, and more beautiful in the spring.

By late summer, landscape mulch in the flower beds may be fading or thinning out, which leaves plants and soil exposed to the elements. Without sufficient coverage, plants that are exposed to repeated freeze-thaw can’t go into hibernation—which is necessary for their survival during the cold winter months.

Adding just a small layer of mulch at the end of summer or early fall can help eliminate that risk and protect the landscaping, even when temperatures begin to drop.

Fall Landscaping

While turning over the mulch can refresh the landscaping’s appearance, it doesn’t do much to protect the soil or plants from the elements. With just one-third the amount needed in the spring, this additional layer of mulch can help protect the landscaping and soil from seasonal changes.

Unlike spring projects which require two to four inches of mulch, fall mulching requires much less—just about one inch will help protect the soil during the winter months.

Not sure how much mulch to buy? The Musselman Mulch Calculator makes it easy, using the length, width, and depth to generate how many yards of mulch a project needs.

Benefits of Fall Mulching

Even in milder winter climates, plants, soil, and other vegetation need protection from the elements. Refreshing the top layer of mulch that’s broken down over time can help insulate soil and encourages microbe growth, which ultimately improves the soil.

Using Musselman mulch in the fall can help:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Protect plants from extreme temperatures
  • Improve soil structure
  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Suppress weeds
  • Enhance the beauty of plantings in flower beds

When cooler temperatures start moving in, consider adding a layer of mulch to your landscaping. Protecting the soil from temperature swings throughout the cold winter months will help plants grow back healthy and strong in the spring.

3 Reasons Why You Should Order Bulk Mulch

3 Reasons Why You Should Order Bulk Mulch

Mulching projects can be exciting—and at times overwhelming at first. Attempting to calculate how much mulch is needed, taking repeated trips to the store, and hauling those heavy bags can seem like a big task to take on—which is why buying in bulk is typically the best option.

Musselman’s bulk mulch is a convenient, cost-effective way to get the job done—no hauling, no heavy lifting, and expert guidance to see any project through.

Bulk Mulch Delivery—Fast, Convenient, Simple

When it comes to ordering mulch, thinking about carrying those bags around can seem like a lot. Ordering in bulk makes calculating how much mulch is needed much easier and alleviates the risk of overspending and overbuying – guaranteeing a one-stop shop for all your mulching needs.

Repeatedly loading and unloading mulch can be physically taxing on the body – and a major deterrent to mulching. With full-service delivery for bulk mulch—there’s no burden of lifting and taking on this arduous process alone.

Buying Bulk Mulch is Cost-Effective

Ordering bulk mulch is made even easier through the Musselman mulch calculator, allowing customers to input their precise mulch specifications into the designated fields. This information helps determine the exact amount of mulch needed to finish the project—without overbuying or ending up short.

In knowing the exact amount of mulch required for a project, customers can easily sidestep the inconvenience of taking multiple trips to the store and wasting money on arbitrary amounts of mulch they may not even need.

That’s why ordering mulch in bulk is the most reliable option for landscaping projects. There’s no unnecessary back and forth to the store or wasteful spending – there’s only a single delivery.

Plus, ordering bulk mulch gains you access to an arsenal of exclusive mulching tools – unavailable for order on their own – that can completely change the way you install your mulch.

The Right Tools to Get it Right

Customer service goes a long way, and getting a project done right means having the right tools, products, and information to make any mulching project come to life.

Bulk mulch is an ideal option for large projects, small flowerbeds, and everything in between and every bulk mulch order includes comprehensive delivery service.

Does the mulch need to be closer to the basketball hoop, near the mailbox, or next to the sidewalk? With bulk delivery service also comes a dedication to keeping promises and completing orders with perfect execution.

Best of all, the threshold a mulch order requires to be designated as “bulk” is kept at a level that can accommodate a wide range of order sizes.

How to Buy in Bulk

Ordering bulk mulch saves time and ensures the right amount of mulch is delivered for every project—and always includes exclusive installation tools, not available anywhere else.

Interested in buying bulk mulch? Click here to start the process and initiate the first step in beautifying your landscape!

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Adding mulch to a landscape is a simple, effective way to spruce things up without a making a complete overhaul—but figuring out how much mulch is needed for a specific project can feel overwhelming.

Figuring out the right amount of mulch for a project doesn’t have to end with multiple trips to the store and overspending on mulch that goes unused.

Utilizing the Musselman mulch calculator, any mulching job becomes a breeze—by customizing results to each project, based on project size, depth, and the desired aesthetic.

Why use mulch?

Mulch provides a wide range of benefits, like helping soil retain moisture, even in the coldest winter months, and preventing weeds from sprouting up around landscaping. It can be found in a wide array of colors and materials, including plastic, rubber, and wood.

Once the type of mulch is chosen, it’s time to calculate the amount of mulch needed.

How many bags of mulch in a yard?

Musselman’s bulk mulch is available by the cubic yard. One cubic yard of mulch is equal to 27 feet—so, a space 30 feet in length, 20 feet in width, and three inches deep would require six cubic yards of mulch.

But figuring out that calculation for any unique space is simple, thanks to the Musselman mulch calculator. Just enter the dimensions where mulch will be spread, and the mulch calculator helps calculate the precise amount necessary for any project—large or small.

For most projects, two-to-three inches of mulch is ideal, to help protect the soil underneath from freezing in the winter or getting too hot in the summer months—helping plants grow back richer and healthier each season.

Start Mulching

Mulch is an affordable way to easily spruce up any landscape and provides long-term protection from the elements and invasive weeds. Mussleman makes getting started simple—providing the right tools and expertise for any project.

Ready to begin your next mulching project? We can help!