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We agree — Empty Beds are No Fun! Regardless of your type, Musselman has your Match. Swipe through our product profiles – your ideal mulch match is just a click away.
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Premier Homeowner’s Hardwood Mulch
$32.00 / cubic yd.
A+ Hardwood Bark Mulch
$35.00 / cubic yd.
Midi® Hardwood Bark Mulch
$40.00 / cubic yd.
Sof-Step® Certified Playground Mulch
$40.00 / cubic yd.
Brown Dyed Mulch
Black Dyed Mulch
Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch
$44.00 / cubic yd.
Color Enhanced Brown Dyed Bark Mulch
$51.76 / cubic yd.
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Not at all mulch is created equal.

Depending on your needs, coarse or fine mulch can have a big impact on your yard.



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