Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

$44.00 / cubic yd.


Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch is a triple-shredded bark mulch.

This product is manufactured from bark stripped from the outside of the tree during the logging process. As bark breaks down in the landscape, it restores nutrients to your soil, benefitting plants. Achieve a beautiful and HEALTHY landscape over time with Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch.

This mulch contains no dye, but has been aged, resulting in a naturally darker color than Premier Homeowner’s Hardwood and A+ Hardwood Bark Mulch.

Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch is an excellent choice for new landscapes to give your soil a nutrient-rich head start for years to come.

Interested in buying it by the bag? Check out our list of local garden centers stocking this product HERE.

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