We have a complete line of quality mulches for any landscape project available for pick-up or delivery. We partner with Greendell Landscape Solutions, Indiana’s Original Mulch Manufacturer, to guarantee the quality of our mulch line.

When hardwood mulches are applied correctly, they prevent erosion, protect plants from extreme temperatures, improve your soil structure, conserve soil moisture, suppress weeds, and add beauty to your plantings in a remarkable array of colors.

Not sure which mulch is right for you? Stop in for a mulch tour or call our office and we will walk you through the options and schedule a quick delivery right to your driveway. Even more convenient, products can be viewed and ordered online through our Bulk Delivery page.



Our pulverized soil line is screened and stored under cover to ensure a quality product right when you need it, regardless of the weather Indiana may throw our way! Soil products can be utilized in a variety of landscape projects, from seeding and planting to finish grading.

View our soil line and place your order on our Bulk Delivery page. Custom soil mixes are available through Greendell Landscape Solutions’ soil department.



Not into the mulch thing? Natural river rock may be the solution to bring your landscape to life. Aggregates can serve a number of purposes in your landscape from replacing mulch in and around walkways, ponds, and other water features to providing a strong structural base for your patio and outdoor living space.

If you do plan to do the stone thing, be sure that you remove all the mulch and place one of our weed barrier fabrics in your landscape beds before installing your stone. View our aggregate line and order for delivery right to your driveway on our Bulk Delivery page.



Musselman partners with multiple hardscape manufacturers including UnilockOberfields, and Belgard. Whether you’re a landscaper, contractor, or homeowner, we carry the product needed to turn your blueprints into a reality. While we do not carry every single product from the four stone manufacturers in our inventory, we have sample displays on site and can obtain samples for the opportunity to see the product in person. We also carry a complete line of BP Pro sealers and hardscape products from SRW and Alliance Gator to bring your hardscape project from start to finish.

Musselman maintains staff educated on the ins and outs of hardscapes who can assist you with any questions you may have.


Get more for your money with grass seed and lawncare products from Musselman. Unlike big box store selections, we carefully source blends with ZERO fillers. Tried and true starter fertilizer, pre-emergent, and straw products adorn our shelves to bring your seeding project to completion.