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Color Enhanced Brown Dyed Bark Mulch
$51.76 / cubic yd.
A+ Hardwood Bark Mulch
$35.00 / cubic yd.
Premier Homeowner’s Hardwood Mulch
$32.00 / cubic yd.
Premium Dyed Mulch
$47.62 / cubic yd.

Since 1989

Family Owned & Operated

When choosing a supplier for your landscape project, who owns and operates the company is a key factor to consider — it directly reflects the cost, quality and turnaround time of the services. A family-owned and operated business stands out in the landscape supply industry that calls for quality materials on-demand, shipped safely to homes and job sites.

Since 1989, our company has remained in the Musselman family, founded by Steve Musselman and currently owned by Frank and Nikki (Boram) Gieseking. Their children, Zane, Brooks, Samantha, Sabrina, and Bret are involved in the day-to-day operations of the business in Noblesville and Mooresville (Greendell Landscape Solutions, Indiana’s Original Mulch Manufacturer).

The Musselman Guarantee

Quality Products

We manufacture a complete line of quality mulches ourselves, including Sof-Step for playground surfaces, professional growing mixes, and soil amendments. We guarantee the quality of the products. For products we don’t manufacture here, we offer only the highest quality brands.

Unparalled Service

Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. It’s the simplest principle that is often lost – we strive to earn your trust by showing up when we say we will and treating your time and property with the utmost respect.

With Integrity

We are proud to lend a helping hand in landscape projects of all types, and in our community. As a small, family owned business, being involved in our local  organizations has been important to us since day one. Help us Mulch to Support our communities.

Looking for a Landscaper?

At Musselman Landscape, we understand the importance of finding the right professionals to bring your outdoor vision to life. Our commitment to quality and excellence extends to every aspect of your landscaping project, starting with the professionals we recommend.


We’ve cultivated relationships with a diverse array of landscape professionals, from talented designers and architects to seasoned installers and maintenance crews. This extensive network ensures that you’ll find the perfect match for your project.


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15 + yards = free delivery

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Not at all mulch is created equal.

Depending on your needs, coarse or fine mulch can have a big impact on your yard.



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