Color Enhanced Brown Dyed Bark Mulch

$51.76 / cubic yd.
This beautiful brunette may just be the one your beds have been awaiting. There is no comparison, BARK MULCH IS BEST! Color Enhanced Dyed Bark Mulch is a double-shredded bark mulch (Midi Mulch, dyed brown for lasting color). This product is manufactured from bark stripped from the outside of trees during the logging process in Indiana. As bark breaks down in the landscape, it restores nutrients to your soil, benefitting plants. Achieve a beautiful and HEALTHY landscape over time with Color Enhanced Hardwood Bark Mulch! This mulch contains dye. Only available in brown. Treated with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly vegetable and water-based dye that is safe for people, plants, and pets to maintain long-lasting, striking color.
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Product Instructions
For optimal results with dyed mulches, it’s best to apply them to your landscape beds when no rain is expected in the forecast. We recommend having a tarp in place on your concrete driveway to prevent any chance of color leaching onto the surface.

If rain is forecasted during your delivery timeframe, no need to panic! Simply leave the mulch on your driveway and wait to spread it until there is a 48-hour dry period. This ensures that the dye will have completely cured in your landscape beds before spreading.

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Dyed Mulch

Not at all mulch is created equal.

Depending on your needs, coarse or fine mulch can have a big impact on your yard.



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Quality is everything.

At Musselman, we maintain a rigorous standard of product quality to ensure your mulch performs as great as it looks.

Our Best of the Best bark mulch products stand out above the competition–and here’s how.

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What About the Other Guys?

Mulch in the bag at the big box stores and offerings from our competitors may look similar when shopping online, but looks can be deceiving. 

Most mulches in central Indiana are made from brush that landscapers and construction companies collect from job sites. When the manufacturer does not carefully vet the materials or sourcing of brush, it can compromise the visual and performance quality of your mulch. Brush does not offer the same nutrient value to plants in your landscape.

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