Benefits of the Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

Still looking for the perfect type of mulch to add to the landscape? If ease of installation and a nutrient-rich soil environment are your top priorities, then Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch could provide the perfect solution.

Benefits of Hardwood Bark Mulch

Because of its irregularly sized pieces and rugged style, hardwood bark-style mulch can give landscape beds a more natural and pleasurable appearance and is an excellent choice for a new landscape. Plus, unlike other mulches, hardwood bark provides brilliant color and added dimension to any landscape.

Hardwood bark mulch does an excellent job of protecting the soil against evaporation and helps aerate the soil by allowing air to easily flow in and out. It also offers several other advantages, including:

  • Easy spreading and installation
  • Breaking down over time to restore soil nutrients
  • Boosting vitality for plants requiring a greater amount acid absorption such as azaleas, evergreens, and magnolias

Why Choose Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch

Forrest Fines® Mulch is a triple-shredded bark mulch manufactured from bark stripped from the tree during the logging process. That unique process means Forrest Fines® Mulch delivers unmatched quality and measurable upgrades to any landscape.

In fact, Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Mulch has the power to restore the most nutrients to the landscapes it covers compared to other mulch offerings and can also enhance the beauty and vitality of those recently planted flowers in the garden!

Most important, Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Mulch is all natural and contains no dyes. Instead, the mulch has undergone an elaborate aging process, helping it exude a more naturally occurring darker color.

How Much Mulch to Buy?

Still deciding on how much of our Forrest Fines® Mulch to buy? Musselman’s bulk mulch calculator can help identify the precise amount needed for any project. Simply enter the project dimensions and the mulch calculator will help determine the exact quantity to buy—removing the tedious, time-consuming guesswork during check-out, ensuring an easy process for all your mulching needs!

If you’re looking for a mulch that’s easy to install with the unique advantage of restoring nutrition to your soil, consider Musselman’s Forrest Fines® Hardwood Bark Mulch for your next project!