3 Reasons to Buy the Sunset Firepit Kit This Season

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family this winter season? Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit could be the perfect solution. From simple installation to versatile style and design options, the Sunset Firepit Kit will fit seamlessly into any type of landscape—and is sure to make guests feel welcomed and cozy.

Variety in Design

The Sunset Firepit Kit is available in some of Musselman’s highest-quality materials and in a wide variety of color palates, including Coffee Creek, Granite, Sandstone, and Sierra. With simple, clean, and timeworn details, the Sunset Firepit Kit is an elegant and sophisticated must-have for backyard get-togethers—especially when the cooler temperatures start rolling in!

Year-Round Enjoyment

A beautiful fire pit is much more than just a seasonal amenity to be enjoyed during mild spring or summer nights. Once the cold weather arrives, nothing compares to cozying up and enjoying the warmth and serenity of an outdoor firepit.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or a cool summer night, the Unilock Sunset Firepit Kit presents plenty of options for entertainment and fun around the fire. From whipping up some s’mores to creating a warm and cozy ambience, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is guaranteed to elevate your landscape experience.

Easy Installation

Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is simple to order and is delivered with the all the tools necessary to begin installation.

  • Three layers of units to compose firepit dimensions of 51.25” x 51.25” x 12”.
  • Two 10-ounce tubes of high-temperature adhesive that works in a traditional household caulk gun. Don’t have one? No problem—purchase one to be delivered with your order here!
  • One steel insert to guide the building process and protect your investment.

For a simple, step-by-step walk-through of the installation process, consult our user-friendly guide here.

The search for an ideal firepit ends here. With straightforward installation and effortless assembly, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit adds an additional layer of beauty and a high-quality aesthetic to your landscape design.

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Image shows Sunset Fire Pit Kit with Firegear’s LUME Smokeless Insert, sold separately.