3 Reasons to Buy Decorative Stone This Season

Looking for a way to add some style to your landscape without the hassle of replacing the mulch each season? Musselman’s decorative stone could provide the perfect alternative to mulch and even enhance your own unique landscape vision.

Decorative Stone is Cost-Effective

Thanks to its long lifespan, decorative stone is extremely low maintenance and rarely requires replacing—unlike mulch, which often demands routine maintenance each season. This means that decorative stone is less expensive than mulch in the long run.

Decorative Stone Serves Many Purposes

Decorative stone comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors that serve several different functions for any landscape and offers unlimited opportunities for creative design, including:

  • Replacing mulch in and around walkways, ponds, and other water features
  • Providing a strong structural base for patios and outdoor living spaces

Decorative Stone Ensures a Healthy Garden

Because decorative stone does not decay or decompose, it lasts much longer than mulch. This means there’s less risk of damaging those freshly planted flowers in the beds each time mulch is replaced. Decorative stone is excellent for keeping weeds away for a long period of time when an appropriate landscape fabric is installed underneath the stone.

How Much Decorative Stone do I Buy?

Unsure of how much decorative stone to buy? Musselman’s bulk stone calculator helps identify the exact amount necessary for any project—just by entering in the project dimensions. Not only does this remove tedious and time-consuming guess work, but it also guarantees an easy, one-stop shop that saves you countless trips to the store.

Next time you need to replace your mulch, consider substituting in a layer of decorative stone instead. Thanks to its long lifespan, multi-functionality, and endless design capabilities, decorative stone is a fantastic alternative to mulch that’s guaranteed to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come!