Why It’s Time to Incorporate Natural Stone Into Your Summer Landscape Design

For anyone looking to elevate their home’s summer landscaping, it’s time to turn to stone. Musselman’s variety of natural stone options are the perfect way to give any landscaping a modern twist, while also protecting its health.

Natural Stone Offers a Unique and Modern Landscape Appeal

Musselman’s natural stone selection will set any home apart from others in the neighborhood. Because of the quality and variety in design of the Musselman options, no two stones look the same, leaving any landscaping with a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

With its modern design and impressive durability, Musselman’s natural stone products can beautify any type of architectural exterior. Choose from any of the following to install this season:

Natural Stone Creates a Healthy Landscape

Water drains more quickly through small stones and gravel compared to soil. Adding only one layer of variety of our natural stones can help protect your landscaping from excess water retention when heavy showers are in the forecast. Installing a layer of this stone can also be used to create a natural waterway, surplus water away from your garden or home’s foundation.

Natural stones also absorb heat, preventing it from reaching the plants’ roots in the harsh summer sun! This means fewer plants drying out and better growing conditions for any summer landscape.

Natural Stone Adds an Extra Layer of Sustainability & Durability

Unlike other common landscaping materials, natural stone is easy to maintain. No need for sealing, painting, or staining—just a simple wash with a garden hose occasionally will do. Plus, it’s long-lasting, so no need to foot the bill for frequent replacements!

As the name would suggest, natural stone can also provide environmental benefits to the landscape. Because it’s naturally sourced, it does not contain any toxic chemicals or substances that other landscaping materials may include. Plus, natural stone is recyclable, so it can be utilized for multiple projects throughout its lifetime.

As the summer landscaping season continues to heat up, consider laying down some of Musselman’s natural stone to take that outdoor space to the next level!