Three Ways to Make the Most of Mulch Season with Musselman

With peak mulch season upon us, making the right preparations is key to a thriving landscape! Below, we break down three easy ways to make the most of this mulch season for a cheap, hassle-free, and fun experience!


1. Order Musselman Bulk Mulch Online

Musselman brings the mulch right to you. No more inconvenient, time-wasting back-and-forth to the store for mulch pickup. With Musselman, simply make any bulk mulch selection online, and we’ll do the rest!

Plus, customers who order online get a 15% delivery fee discount. By saving customers time and money with a seamless online ordering process, Musselman ensures that busy schedules and full days don’t get in the way of installing top-quality mulch in the garden this season.


2.  Consult Musselman’s Bulk Mulch Calculator

After making your mulch selection, utilize our Bulk Mulch Calculator tool, which allows customers to specify the exact amount of mulch they need to finish the project without buying too much or ending up short.

No more back and forth to the store for mulch pickup – with this invaluable tool, Musselman is a one-stop shop for every garden and landscape need this season.

Additionally, when choosing to order mulch in bulk, customers not only benefit from the convenience of a larger quantity, but also gain access to a diverse range of specialized mulching tools – not available for order on their own – that can completely transform the entire mulching experience.


3. Sit Back and Unwind – Musselman Mulch Delivery Handles the Grind

At checkout, simply select the day and time you wish for your mulch to be delivered, and one of our expert mulch delivery service members will bring it straight to you.

Want your mulch closer to the mailbox? Next to the basketball hoop? Right next to the sidewalk? Musselman’s mulch delivery service has got it covered – add in any specific instructions at checkout and our team will make it happen!

Make the most of mulch season with Musselman. Order online for convenient delivery, use our Bulk Mulch Calculator for accurate quantities, and sit back as our experts handle the delivery.

Trust Musselman to enhance and simplify your mulching experience. Order now and elevate your landscape today!